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Today's recipe is cream of onion soup, so simple and tasty. Considering it costs pence to make, you can make it look like a starter in any top restaurant, with a couple of finishing touches. It's a nice, filling winter warmer, served as either a lunch with crusty bread or toast, or as a starter with some croutons and a cheese crisp. Perfect if you fancy cooking a meal for your other half on the cheap. My husband and kids love it, even the dog polished off some I spilled on the floor and he seemed to like it too.

Serves 4:
3 med-large white onions
1 pint chicken stock 
40g butter/marg or 2tbsp oil
2 tbsp flour
1/2 pint milk or 300ml single cream 

For the croutons

1 slice bread sliced into squares

Fry in a pan until golden. Done! You could always toast the bread for a healthier alternative.

To make the cheese crisps, simply grate some cheese, place on some greaseproof paper in little mounds and cook on high for a few minutes. Keep checking them until they bubble and melt then leave them to cool.


For the soup, chop the onions into slices roughly and on a medium heat melt the butter. Sweat the onions in the butter for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally so they don't stick to the pan.


When they are clear and soft, add the flour and stir in. Turning the heat up a bit higher, add the chicken stock gradually to the floury onions, stirring constantly until the flour dissolves and you have added all the liquid. Boil for a few minutes and turn down to a lower heat. Stir in the milk/cream. Dish it up, add your croutons, cheese crisp and a drizzle of oil for presentation.




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