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I often hear the phrase "I'm not a morning person." It usually applies to people who are grumpy when they wake up, having slept in, or teenagers. I LOVE being up early - especially before the children, so I can get some child free time in at the beginning of the day. I'm lucky enough now, that Chase likes to sleep until around 8am. That means, if  get up at 6am I have a whole two hours child free - RESULT. 

Let me tell you why I love mornings. 

It's like a whole different world out there before 8am. If you go out for a walk and you pass people they smile and greet you with a cheery "hello" or a jolly "good morning!" At no other time of day does this usually happen. When I take my dog out, it's like a secret, happy society are going about their business spreading cheer. The word morning even makes you smile when you say it - I know you're trying that right now. 

The mood is quite different to the end of a day when the usual stresses of life have taken their toll. It's the time the counter has been reset, you have another clean slate, a shot at making a good day ahead. I wake up thankful every morning for another chance to cram as much life into the day as possible, knowing that not everyone has that opportunity. 

If it's a shock to the system to get up at 6am, you can always nap later. Besides sleeping too long makes you grumpy and sluggish, you never know you might even feel better for it.

Go on set your alarm and meet the happy people!




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