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As parents stock up on headache tablets, sugary bribes and copious amounts of alcohol, this can only mean one thing, it’s the summer holidays. I know this strikes the fear of dread into a lot of parents, as they wonder how they can possibly keep their children entertained without going bankrupt and keeping their sanity at the same time.

It’s not impossible to do with a little imagination and a bit of effort….and some wine. Just remember to keep to a budget of what you can afford, don’t be spending money you haven’t got on days out that cost a fortune, just because you know that everybody else will be taking their children.

Watch out for offers and coupons for money off family days out. The main thing is don't be afraid to let them get bored, in fact I encourage it, it’s when they are bored that they will show how creative they can be. Sticks become guns, daisies become chains and that blanket becomes a fort. Stretch things out as much as you can. I refer back to my Easter Holiday post How to fill three days with one picnic .

Have a family sleepover one night in the living room, build a den and enjoy some old movies together, the children will love it and most likely remember it forever. Enjoy a 'no media day' where you and the family are forced to interact!

Interview each other, you might find out a few things you didn't already know about one another. It could also come in handy for present buying in the future. Set a loose plot line and characters for a story and give everyone a part to write. Either the beginning, middle or ending and at the end of the day read it together and see who has the wackiest imagination. It doesn’t cost money to create memories. 




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