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Our local library at Whitby is holding a reading challenge for the summer holidays. Perfect for this weather, make a cosy corner in your bedroom and curl up with a book. Nobody can say they don’t like books or reading when there is such a diverse selection to choose from. There are baby books, teen novels, books on how to do pretty much anything, fact books, how to deal with almost any situation and most people have a favourite film or two which usually has been written down as a book at some point.


There’s something for everyone at the library. Ours has activities and toys for younger children to play with. They are having an animal crime themed read-a-thon for four to twelve-year-olds, where if you read just six books in the holidays you get stickers to put in your ‘crime file’.  They are scratch and sniff stickers and apparently, they really do stink! They have a website where you can create a profile and chat about the books you have read. Click here to find out more.


For the babies and toddlers, they get rewarded for library visits. They receive a bear reading book that has spaces to fill in with stickers, which they claim after each visit. Let them colour in while they are there and have a play. You might make new friends on your visits if you are a new mum.


If you are 13 or over you could always volunteer at the library. There are lots of opportunities and it would look great on your C.V when you look for paid work when you are older. You will learn valuable skills and gain lots of confidence.

So, if you want something to do this summer, rain or shine, get to the library and start a reading challenge.




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