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Last night, lots of excited Ariana Grande fans went to watch their idol perform on stage. Families, children, teenagers. They no doubt spent a lot of time looking forward to the event, getting ready to her music, painting their faces, making banners. Teenagers that managed to convince mum and dad they were old enough for their first concert alone. Kids that were probably a bit young to be there, but after begging so hard, they were allowed to go.


Whoever went, went for a good time. NOT TO BE FUCKING KILLED.


After watching the footage on Twitter, I'm gutted for all the innocent people caught up in the tragedy, including Ariana, who is traumatised along with her fans, and is blaming herself for the incident. Screaming, horrified and helpless, as a bomb went off injuring and killing people. The confusion as people thought it was part of the act, then realisation set in and panic struck. For their family members watching it unfold live, probably wondering if they would see them in the background on someone else’s pictures, I can't imagine the sheer terror they would have felt.

To all those families today that are missing one of your precious clan, I feel for you.

To the people of all nationalities, faiths, colours, genders, sexuality, age, shoe size, body shape, who are helping in every way they can today, pulling together, God bless you ALL. You humans are my favourites.

To the ones who jump to help, instead of hate.

To the ones who jump to spread the love and not the fear.

To the ones who pick up the broken, instead of looking for the fight.

To the ones who spend their time doing good and not evil.




I must add, I feel for all children and parents who are losing innocent family members because of any hate in this world. My sympathy doesn't have any boundaries, we are all human and no one should suffer the intolerable pain of senselessly losing family, because of hate.

Let's all wipe out hate by spreading the love. Love for those who have lived, love for those who help and love for all good humans out there.





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