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Yesterday I spent most of the day in the garden, as thanks to the rain being around more often than the sun, the grass was so long I could plait it. My poor potatoes looked like they were battered thanks to the recent winds and although I wasn’t sure I dug them up anyway. We got two wheelbarrows – albeit child size – full of large potatoes, so we were very pleased.

Obviously, gardening is hard work, it builds up a right appetite and as I was working hard in the garden I couldn’t be bothered preparing a complicated meal for tea. I came up with the perfect recipe for when you are busy and want to throw a few ingredients in the oven, to come out ready at the same time.  

It was made up entirely of what I had in the fridge at the time so you could play around with it yourself. Swap the sausage for chorizo for a spicy version, use different herbs to make it your own.

This should serve 4


2 chicken breasts

8 sausages – I used turkey sausages to make it healthier

6 potatoes

2 red onions

2 red peppers

Fresh sprig of rosemary


Tbsp. coconut, olive or any oil you have sunflower or vegetable will be fine



Cube potatoes roughly to the same size

Cut the chicken into small pieces

Chop the sausages into 4 or 5 lumps

Slice the peppers lengthways into strips then half

Quarter the onions and pull off layers and place into a large oven proof dish with all the other ingredients

Season with pepper

Place into the oven at 180 for 20 minutes then give it all a stir and put back in for another 20 it’s as simple as that.




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