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It’s been so tough with a teething toddler to keep up with the blog. I look like an extra from Night of the living dead and he looks like butter wouldn't melt. Sleep deprivation is not for me. I would like to share a bit more with you on how to keep the shopping bill low.

I set myself a challenge this week, to try and live on what was in the cupboards- and I don't mean the spider that was lurking behind the gherkins- instead of doing a weekly shop for the sake of it. I often wonder how many of us shop out of habit rather than necessity?

I'm very surprised, but we have made it to Thursday, alive, without having to buy anything other than a couple of essentials, milk, butter and wine-yes this was very essential to my well-being. Okay maybe only a short-term solution, but if you're having a 'skint week', as we call them, you don't need to worry too much if you can knock something up out of your cupboards.

There are plenty of recipes on my website that use basic cupboard ingredients, may I recommend the corned beef hash. Make it a game and Google the ingredients you have to see what recipes it comes up with, Ready steady cook style- is this even still on or am I showing my age?

I challenge you not to go for the next shop and see how long you can survive on what you have in already. I find this mentality helps to overcome the stress of not having enough money to buy lots of shopping and have always had this attitude whether I've been really, hard up or not. Some call it tight, I call it clever.

You could go further with the no spend challenge and have a set time where you don’t buy certain items. Try a month without takeaways, a summer without eating out, or even a year without spending on alcohol. Imagine how much you could save?




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