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When I started this blog, I did it because I couldn’t believe people couldn’t afford to feed their children. I have come from having absolutely nothing – I still don’t have a lot in the bank but I’m richer than ever, as I am surrounded by a loving family – and I understand more than most how it feels to have a few quid to last the week and having to make the choice between heating or food.

The blog is so much more than recipes and having fun with your family for free now. I feel it’s my way of trying to spread positivity and kindness through my posts and if there’s one thing I have learned in life, it’s to be ready for change – at all times. I feel it is reaching a turning point where I no longer wish to post primarily about cheap meals, that said I will still include recipes from time to time, but the focus is more on where our life is going.

Now the children are growing up and moving in different directions the blog, as well as my life needs to change. When we reach the point where things need to change it’s scary. We, like children, get comfortable with the same routines and as much as we moan about them, they make us feel secure. The thought of change and the unknown is usually daunting, but when we accept change and adapt to it, that’s when beautiful things happen.

When we reach the point where we think we can’t carry on because life is tough, or can’t cope with how we feel, or are unhappy with how things are going, this is when change must happen. Something needs to give. Unhappy with a job?  Make the necessary changes to get one you would love. Don’t feel happy in a relationship? Do what you need to do to make it work, even if that’s leaving. Having trouble with mental illness or depression? Seek help from wherever you can, doctors, support groups, or find a creative outlet where you can express yourself such as painting, dancing or singing.

I know I have written a very matter-of-fact style piece here and it’s ‘easier said than done’. I understand that. Of course it is. Change is never easy. We love the comfort of familiarity, even if it makes us unhappy. I promise you, if you can muster up the strength to throw off that blanket of repetitiveness, break the cycle and dare to do something different you won’t regret it.

Become a butterfly and spread your wings because it’s time to fly.

I will end on a famous quote– in my dad’s house anyway –

“If things don’t change, they’ll stay as they are!”  - Peter Gallagher.


08-09-2017 17:46
I think your posts are so inspirational and uplifting in today modern life.
15-09-2017 10:34
Thank you Jan that means a lot I appreciate you reading my blog x


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