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As I was sitting on the sofa, browsing Facebook admittedly, Chase decided to run in with the pastry brush and a cupcake case shouting "mixy mixy mummy!" This in no uncertain terms means he wants to make a mess in my kitchen, how could I refuse?

 I thought I would kill two birds with one stone (I do wonder where this expression came from? Which psycho is going around killing birds with stones?) and looked for a simple recipe that I could share with you all afterwards. That's when I thought of those lovely, soft, melt in your mouth biscuits Viennese fingers. They only use five ingredients that most cupboards contain. Oh how I wish I had seen the carnage that was about to follow the crumbs, chocolate everywhere and a rather pathetic batch of failed fingers.

I won't be posting the recipe, as it was rubbish. Well maybe the recipe wasn't rubbish, it was probably something I did, but the fact is we all mess up sometimes and that's okay. It's even more okay to tell people that you did. Nowadays, where everything on-line is portrayed to be perfect, I think it's refreshing to show the not so perfect side of things too. Maybe if we all posted a few of our mistakes, or not so flattering pictures, or shared how life was not as great as it looks to everyone, then the younger generation will learn that you don't have to be a supermodel, or own the most expensive things or indeed be happy all the time.

There are days it's okay to look like you just got up all day, or walk around in old trainers or have a good cry, after all everybody does it. They just don't show you. I proudly share with you my mistake today and yes, I failed at creating anything but crumbs but me and Chase had a lovely morning together. We still ate them, they tasted lovely and I thought I would drink my tea out of the Christmas mug to prove life doesn't have to be perfect.




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