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There are mixed feelings all round now the children have gone back to school. The parents that are struggling to let go of their first born now they are at big school- it gets easier trust me. Then there are the parents relieved, they no longer need to feed their children constantly throughout the day- since when did one school lunch need replacing with a second breakfast, brunch, lunch AND an afternoon snack?

Seriously though, I do know many parents struggle during the holidays with the extra cost of feeding their children, but it really doesn't have to cost a fortune. I set this blog up for that very reason, as I have been there. With a bag of porridge costing as little as 39p for 500g, there is no reason a child shouldn't have a nice filling breakfast.

Also, there are plenty of recipes on my blog that don't cost a lot to make. As much as I might not agree with the factory farming of chickens, I can't deny that it won't be a godsend to many families that you can pick a chicken up for under £3. Giving you the means to make not just one, but quite a few meals for your family. I sincerely hope since starting this blog I have managed to help a few people.

I genuinely appreciate the positive feedback and comments, that I have helped you decide what's for tea, or learn how to cook some nice treats, but to help those that really are struggling to make their money go further is my main goal. This, is why I am delighted that in the 10 months since the blog was just an idea of mine, I can proudly say it is taking off.

My aim was to reach as many families as possible and with the help of various platforms, giving me the chance to spread the How to Be Hard up and Happy word that has become reality. I'm even more excited to announce a big talk with the Festival of Thrift organiser Stella Hall on Saturday 17th September 2016 in Redcar.

I would love to meet as many of you as possible, so I will also be available on the People's Encyclopedia to share my secrets. So, come along and make the most of a free day out. I will be the one looking harassed, surrounded by children, some mine, some not, most probably bickering...It's what we do. Please come say hi, we don't bite-except Chase- well I did name him after a cartoon dog....




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