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Any of you with young children that like the tins of spaghetti shapes for their lunch? You will know they cost quite a bit, especially if you're buying a few at a time. I can save you pounds. Instead of buying a few small tins, or even large ones to portion up, buy the basic brand spaghetti. It's around 20p-30p in most supermarkets, and get a carton of passata or even a tin of chopped tomatoes and blend, these cost around 30p and some mixed herbs to throw in.

Simply cook what you need each time, it lasts longer than an opened tin and you can portion the exact amount you need. As spaghetti takes about 10 minutes to cook it's not much longer than heating up a jar in a pan.

If your little one likes you can grate cheese on it or stick some chopped sausages in for a more filling meal or serve with garlic bread for a cheap, easy and tasty lunch. My children love it so does my step-son, Archie, who is quite a picky eater and he gave it a big, thumbs up. The same went for my cheesy pasta, which is as simple as the tomato pasta.

Instead of buying tins of macaroni cheese buy the basic brand pasta, it’s roughly 30p. All I do with this is serve it with my home-made cheese sauce (recipe below.) 

Cook the pasta and then add the sauce to the drained pasta and stir. Very simple and very tasty, also you know exactly what you're feeding them when you've cooked it yourself and I can't stress how cheap they are.

For the home-made cheese sauce:

Tbsp butter

Tbsp flour

300 ml milk

200g cheese grated



In a pan on a medium heat melt the butter.

When melted add the flour and stir rapidly until a paste (roux) is formed.

Gradually add the milk stirring constantly until you have a smooth consistency and there are no lumps.

Add the cheese.




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