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There seems to be a growing trend at the moment, with 'mummy and daddy' bloggers and I suppose I'm included in that title. I think it's great that mum's and dad's everywhere have a chance to vent to the world how hard, rewarding and bloody frustrating it is at times to be a parent. Most of all, I think it's great that there is so much 'real' advice out there now for parents.

When I had Olivia, a.k.a 'The Teenager', there was no 'Unmumsy mum' to tell me it was normal to feel shit, when I had just done the most amazing thing in the world, by pushing a human out of my vagina- when phrased this way is there any wonder you feel shit? No Man vs Baby to make me laugh, with the truthful but oh so funny accounts of parenthood. In-fact the closest thing to a 'blogger' was good old Emma- she still writes that diary you know, she must have had hundreds of children by now. 

For those of you that don't know, Emma's Diary was written for mums-to-be and would be given to them by the midwife. It has of course, progressed into a great website, full of useful information and has been on the go for many years. That said, nothing quite beats hearing advice, straight from the horse’s mouth, the real, normal, average Joe. There are blogs that relate to all types of parents, single, working, hard up- shameless plug- and I think it's great that parents everywhere, have all this real information readily available.

I suppose the question is do you use it? Have you felt anything other than sheer joy when you gave birth? Have you felt so guilty because you've missed their school play because of work? Have you been so skint you didn't know how your money was going to make it to the end of the day let alone the week? Has it helped any of these problems, knowing you weren't alone in feeling this way? I would love to hear your views on how bloggers have helped you- and no it doesn't have to be mine.




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