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A couple of weeks ago I attended an amazing Indie biz owners meeting, conducted by the amazing Leona Thrift-ola from the Indie Rollercoaster and Kayti Peschke from Caboodle Magazine. It took place in a containership - where else? - at the new, funky venue ‘Spark’ in York. If you fancy a gin, sitting on a swing, while the smell of delicious food wafts by, then this is the place for you! The whole afternoon was full of fun and fantastic information for any independent business owner.

There was a buzz in the air as we discussed so many valuable topics from collaboration to community and all in between. One great piece of advice was to create a campaign. I have decided to give my first ever campaign a go.

After the recent success of my charity shop haul posts, I thought what better way to start a campaign than people showing off their thrift shop finds by modelling them on Instagram! If you want to join in, simply get glammed up in your charity shop chic attire and strike a pose on Insta. Not only will you be helping countless charities, but you will be helping to save the planet and have some fun too.

I have already started the ball rolling with my daughter in her latest bargains and I can’t wait to see yours. The only rule is it must be from a charity shop that’s it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive label, it can be customised, just go wild and have fun with it. Upload your pictures to Instagram and use the hashtag #fashionfromthrift so we can all see each other’s fabulous finds.

Don't forget to donate your unwanted clothes too!





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