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This was literally my dad's last supper and as far as food goes I would be happy to have this as my last meal! As it's approaching Father's day, if you're wondering what to do and don't have much money, why not cook your dad a meal? Complete with cider and mustard dumplings, this is a scrummy meal they're sure to love.

In memory of my dad here's the recipe for my Pork and shallot casserole cooked in cider with mustard and thyme dumplings:

460g diced lean pork
200g baby shallots halved
4 apples cored and cubed
500ml cider
Tbsp flour
Salt and pepper

For the dumplings:
200g self raising flour
Tbsp Dijon mustard
50g butter
Water to bind mixture

Cost the pork in the seasoned flour 
sear the pork in a hot frying pan and transfer to a casserole dish
In the same pan fry the shallots and apple for 5 minutes then add to casserole dish with pork
Pour the cider into the frying pan to get any juices off and pour over the casserole
Add the fresh thyme and cook at 180 for 45 minutes

While it's cooking make your dumplings by putting the floor into a mixing bowl and add the mustard and butter and rub together. Add thyme and water mix with your fingers until the mixture makes a dough that isn't too dry or to sticky.

Divide the dimpling mixture into as free or many dumplings as you like I made 6 and place on top of your casserole and turn oven up to 200 for 18 minutes.

Serve with some fresh greens.




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