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Favouritism. It’s one of the biggest causes of family feuds since Cain killed Abel, all because he thought God loved him more. The moral of the story is there in a nutshell. So, how do you manage to keep all your children happy and feeling as loved as the next? Especially when there are more than one, two or even three?

I know of many families that have been torn apart by favouritism and don’t get me started on the phrase ‘black sheep’. It spreads like a disease throughout the generations ruining more lives through resentment and bitterness. I have witnessed this many a time where one, or two of the children have been treat blatantly better than the other and it’s awful to see.

Watching somebody grow up thinking they’re better than someone else because their parents put them on a pedestal or indeed seeing someone with such low self-esteem they think they are worthless. The ‘black sheep’ syndrome is responsible for so much damage.

Being a mum/ step-mum to 5 children, I know more than most how hard this can be, especially now my husband and I have had our first child together. This instantly gives him the golden child status in the other children’s eyes.

One thing my step-daughter, Lula, loves about my house, is they are all treat the same. So, how do I manage to make them all feel as special as the next? Well it’s easy really, I take what’s unique about them and turn it into their speciality.

I say to Olivia she is my ‘favourite’ eldest daughter, Lula is my ‘favourite’ step-daughter, Neve is my ‘favourite’ youngest daughter, Archie is my ‘favourite’ step-son and Chase is my ‘favourite’ son. We also love to tell them...they all do our heads in equally!




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