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This has got to be my all-time favourite dessert and since I made my first one, no shop bought cheesecake has been good enough since. I've been a lot busier since starting this blog. Keeping my shopping bill down to a minimum, does incur a bit more effort in the kitchen, but who can moan when the end results are a raspberry ripple cheesecake.

The only downside is you will become really, popular all of a sudden. People will want to travel from miles to share it. I had to share this one with 6 family members. My hubby hates it and is very vocal to announce his disgust when people come for dinner. This recipe is for a basic raspberry cheesecake. You can do anything you like to make it your own. Swap the digestives for chocolate biscuits, gingernuts, or even oaty biscuits make a nice crunchy base. Add flavours to the filling, chocolate, vanilla, lemon curd...anything let your imagination run wild.

The decorating is the best part, it isn't exactly hard to make a cheesecake look pretty. It's a bit like putting make-up on Miss World, she's already stunning but with that extra help...wow! Yes, I just compared a cheesecake to Miss World. It really is that good.

For the base:

250g biscuits

100g butter


For the filling:

400g cream cheese

80g icing sugar 

200ml double cream


Grease a 23cm flan dish.

In a food processor, or in a plastic bag with a rolling pin, place the biscuits and blitz/bash into crumbs.

Melt the butter and mix with the sandy crumbs.

Line the base of your greased dish with the buttery biscuit-ness-I sometimes get possessed by Nigella sorry- and pack it down with a spoon until firm.

Place in the freezer while you make the filling to set.

In a mixer, or a bowl with some elbow grease, place all the filling ingredients and mix until combined and fluffy.

At this stage if you were adding something else to the filling put it in now

Now for the best part. Take the base out of the freezer and put the filling on top, all that's left is to decorate.

Unfortunately, when I did this part there were no kids around and I had to lick the bowl clean-the sacrifices I make.

After decorating mine, there were a few too many raspberries, so I made a coulis (a sauce.)

Push the raspberries through a sieve and add some icing sugar to taste.

I simply dropped some blobs on top of the cheesecake and used some to smear artistically on the plates, nobody actually cared about this and I was left somewhat disappointed....




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