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With Halloween just around the corner, I'm sure a few of you are dreading the expense of decorations, sweets and costumes. I hate to think of people being unhappy, because they think they need to spend a fortune to have a good time. We have had many a Halloween with hardly any money, but have always managed to have loads of fun.

I'd love to share some ideas for you to try with your children, which will not only save you money, but give the children hours of entertainment. With materials, you can pick up in most cheap shops, on the internet, or even things you throw away.

Milk bottle ghosts.

Get saving your empty milk cartons now and you will have enough come Halloween to make these simple but effective ghosts. All you need is milk cartons, some black paper/card and a set of fairy lights -the ones you use for Christmas are fine. Cut out eye and mouth shapes and stick to the cartons. Cut a hole in the back of the carton underneath the handle to fit the fairy lights in and you’re done. Very effective and fun to make.

Why stop there? You can do the eyes and mouth on a larger scale and stick them on your fridge or freezer to make them look ghostly too.

I have got to admit, I got rather carried away last year with the pack of black card I bought and ended up doing a mural on the wall. Again, so effective and the kids love making their own decorations far more than buying them. A great effect for very little cost is bin bag streamers, just slice a bin bag up, leaving a strip along the top uncut to tape or blu-tack to the wall.

We cut out bat and spider shapes and stuck them around the house. I looked around the house for things I could reuse that would have been thrown out. I saw some empty wine bottles and washed them out and took the stickers off, they made perfect potion bottles. I also used the metal case from a tealight candle to cut a hole out of the top of an apple, to fit a candle in it. I dripped some wax down the side for a creepy effect.

With a lot of effort and very little money you can still have a fun Halloween and the kids will remember the time you spent with them, rather than the money you spent on them. Watch this space for more Halloween instalments very soon on costumes and food.




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