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Seen as though as I was on BBC Tees this morning discussing Black Friday, I thought I would do a post about it. I hope you are all shopping sensibly if at all today. It's great for people who have lots of money, who can pick and choose when in the year they buy things, as for those of us who have to be a bit more careful with our cash, maybe not so much.


For instance, if you are not short of a few bob – that's a dad saying right there! - then you can cash in on the deals on cheaper things such as holidays, spa deals or furniture. Not everyone has money to spare at this time of year though, and for us that don't then I don't recommend taking part in the craziness.


If you shop with common sense all year round then you can make some great savings without having to get trampled on, or be online all day monitoring sites. There are certain times of year when shopping for specific items are known to be cheaper. For instance if you want a BBQ, buy it as summer ends when the shops need rid of their stock. Same goes for Christmas decorations, buy them in January when they are dirt cheap.


As for shopping for Christmas, I would recommend the same. Shop all year round when you see items that are cheaper than usual and then you won't be left with a lot of gifts to buy at once. Of course technology is a little different, you can't really buy a phone or computer in January for December. It might have something wrong and need returning, so for this reason I would recommend watching out for deals a little closer to the time. If Black Friday would come in useful to you for this reason then by all means get involved. Just make sure you have researched prices beforehand so you know if a deal is just that.


If you do decide to shop in the sales then have a plan and stick to it. Set a budget for each item and stick to it, or even better try and beat it. Shop only for the items you need, do not get distracted. A deal is only a deal if you need it. If a pair of shoes you didn't need are £50 instead of £80, then you aren't saving £30 you are losing £50.


Also a reminder, if you are out in the shops please don't trample over each other to get what you want. Be kind and thoughtful towards each other, after all it's supposed to be the season of goodwill.





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