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Cake, jelly, ice-cream, presents, games, music and fun, who doesn't love birthdays! I know more than most, if you haven't got much money it can be hard to be enthusiastic about a coming birthday, especially if it's one of your children. Unfortunately, we haven't all got the funds to be buying our teenager, or indeed our 6-year-old the latest gadget.

So how can we combat the feeling of guilt, for not spending as much as the Joneses did on their kids? It's simple really, the gift of time is the one they will remember more than the latest fad, that will probably be forgotten when replaced with the shinier, newer version, the year after. 

I remember when my eldest daughter, Olivia, was 6, it was a long time ago she's 15 today! I planned a cinema trip, something a lot of people do on a weekend for fun, however I told her we were going for a girly night out, just me and her. We spent the afternoon getting dolled up, doing our hair, putting lippy on and got in the car. 

She was so excited, not knowing where she was going and that she was on a girl's night out. I took her to Macdonald's, which she was very happy with and then onto the cinema. We watched Shrek the 3rd, actually, that's a lie, I watched Shrek the 3rd. Olivia thought when the adverts had finished it was time to go. She played musical chairs and asked constantly is it finished yet, maybe not my best of ideas, but the point being, she still to this day remembers our night out.

Would she have remembered getting the pink Nintendo D.S she really wanted that I couldn't afford? Does she remember being disappointed she didn't get it? No. She just remembers the fun night out she had with mummy.

I can guarantee you any moment you make special will be remembered and even carried on for generations to come. Introduce a birthday tradition such as having the birthday person decide what's to eat that day, or wearing something like a birthday hat or badge. Try it when you are stuck for something to buy, even if it's because they have too much and you don't know what to buy them. You don't have to be skint to make memories, rich people can be happy too.....




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