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You would be forgiven if you thought I had taken up writing fiction, however this is a totally true story with a title suitable for a fabulous novel. If you are from Whitby, or regularly visit the beautiful coastal town, you might know that I am in fact, writing about a shop. This shop is nestled away at the top of Golden Lion Bank, or at the bottom of Flowergate. It’s opposite Flowergate Gallery and underneath Picturesk. So now you know where it is, you can put it on your list of places to visit next time you’re in town.


Because it’s a beautiful treasure trove, where even if you spent a good 15 minutes looking around – like I did, you still won’t see everything it has to offer. Its walls are adorned with all things bright and beautiful, and there are some creatures great and small! From mermaid trinkets, to steampunk jewellery and all things kooky along the way, there is so much on offer in this cosy shop, you will not leave empty handed.

Now I’ve told you a bit about the place – I won’t spoil it for you, you can see for yourself – I want to give a big shout out to the staff. I went in last week for a look around as I specifically had something in mind what I wanted to buy. After browsing for a while, I asked Rachael, the lady behind the counter, if she had anything similar to what I wanted. Without hesitation, she explained she could make me some necklaces there and then totally customisable and for less than a pound each! Amazed at the great value, in a real shop and NOT online, I placed my order and came back to collect them quarter of an hour later. I also spotted a beautiful dragonfly brooch reduced to almost half price, making it just under a fiver, so I bought that too.

As I paid Rachael, I remembered my heart locket that my dad bought me for my birthday, had broken. I had got into the habit of opening and closing the catch, as I nervously spoke to the nurse in dad’s final days and it no longer closed properly. I asked her if she fixed jewellery, as she had so quickly made me some necklaces and she said she would look at it for me and to bring it in next time I was down.

Today, I nipped into town - panic buying like the rest of Whitby judging by the queues in the supermarkets. While I was down I took my locket into Artemis and the Mermaid and noticed Rachael wasn’t there but a lovely lady with red hair instead, Hannah. She was very welcoming and when I told her about my locket she knew who I was and looked at it straight away. Within a minute it was fixed, and I was told there would be no charge – not because I am writing this post I might add, this is my good deed back to them.

So, that is how Artemis and the Mermaid fixed my broken heart. As much as it’s just a piece of jewellery, it’s the last piece my dad bought me and has a picture of him in it, so I am happy to say I can wear it again now and a huge thank you to both ladies who helped me. If you’re in Whitby and have anyone special to buy for, don’t automatically assume you will get cheaper online, go and pay a visit and if you don’t see what you want, ask.




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