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I thought I would compile a huge list of fun things your children can get up to in the Easter holidays. It’s important to make sure our children aren’t spending all their time holed up in their rooms staring at a screen. I will randomly tell the children it’s a ‘tech free’ day. The first reactions are horror, disgust even hatred. Then they realise how much fun have together and its almost as if they are happy with being cut free from technology.

It's so important that they have a proper childhood and experience as much fun and adventure as possible, before they become adults weighed down with responsibilities. As easy and obvious as this may sound, imagine how quickly the days slip away as they sit behind their phones, tablets and computers. Its over as quick as a flash so, to help with the adventures and fun here are 50 things they can begin with.


  1. Scavenger Hunt.
  2. Create some art in nature. Use leaves and twigs or balance some stones.
  3. Have a picnic at an unusual time. Supper or breakfast.
  4. Write poems and stories.
  5. Build a den outside and make a stick trail leading to it.
  6. Go to the library for books on a subject you love. Make-up, football, dogs?
  7. Learn to say as many things as you can in another language.
  8. Learn a magic trick.
  9. Make a mud kitchen in the garden using old wood, pans and bowls.
  10. Make a scrapbook and collect things from your holidays.
  11. Have a mud fight- we loved this and Neve said it was the best day of her life!
  12. Have a water fight- let go and have fun with your children.
  13. Learn to play a song on something that isn’t a musical instrument.
  14. Build a ‘bug hotel’ in the garden.
  15. Have a clear out day and get rid of old unwanted stuff.
  16. Climb trees.
  17. Plant something and watch it grow.
  18. Make a simple birdfeeder from a pinecone, some fat and seeds.
  19. Make an ice-cream sundae using half of an Easter egg as your bowl.
  20. Roll down a big hill with your friends.
  21. Have a grass fight.
  22. Go on a bike ride.
  23. Make a mud pie.
  24. Make a fire – with your parents – and cook something on it.
  25. Spot as many animals as you can in one day – without visiting a farm or zoo.
  26. Craft day.
  27. Baking day.
  28. Make face masks from porridge, honey and sugar.
  29. Have a movie marathon day watch entire box sets and chill out.
  30. Play board games, don’t forget the nibbles and drinks.
  31. Clean the car.
  32. Build a go kart from old wheels and wood.
  33. Plan something to eat for tea, do the shopping for it and cook it.
  34. Learn about a country and have a themed day wear the colours speak the language and eat their food – you could even get a takeaway.
  35. Have a sleepover.
  36. Take a picture from a magazine cut it in half down the middle and copy the other half.
  37. Make a collage from pasta, rice and other items from the kitchen.
  38. Do some weaving, using card, sticks even ribbons.
  39. Build a jump for your bike or skateboard.
  40. Hammer some nails into some wood and create your name.
  41. Put a tent up in the garden and camp out.
  42. See what you can make from play dough make dough if you haven’t got any.
  43. Make a potion outside using petals, leaves and sticks.
  44. Create disgusting recipes for fun, the more gross the better.
  45. Have a blindfolded make-up challenge.
  46. Have a YES day (within budget and reason of course) where you can’t say no to each other all day.
  47. Get your parents to go for a drive and take turns to say which way to go see where you end up.
  48. Do a science experiment.
  49. Make a family tree and find out who your ancestors are.
  50. Make an obstacle fitness course.




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